Копилка интересного про шеллы

Маленькие хитрости, конкретные команды

Esc _ (Esc, затем подчеркивание), Alt + ., $_ -- последний аргумент предыдущей команды

Полезно и при интерактивной работе, и при составлении примеров и инструкций

mkdir /some/complicated/path
cd $_

Ctrl+w -- стереть слово слева от курсора

Alt+b, Alt+f -- перемещаться влево и вправо по началам слов

TODO: редактирование текущей команды в $EDITOR

также см. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bash_%28Unix_shell%29#Keyboard_shortcuts

GPG Change Passphrase Secret Key Password Command

gpg --edit-key Your-Key-ID-Here
gpg> passwd
gpg> save

10 UNIX Command Line Mistakes

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." -- Oscar Wilde

Want to make apt-get install less noisy at a shell prompt or in a script?

apt-get -qq update >/dev/null
apt-get upgrade -qq -y > /dev/null

Use vim to edit files over the network using ssh on a Linux/Unix/OSX/BSD:

vim scp://user@server//home/user/file

Exclude files at a bash:
shopt -s extglob

List all except *.py
ls !(*.py)

rm all except *.pl
rm !(*.pl)

If you start editing httpd.conf without root & wanted to save without root permission, try:

:w !sudo tee %

HowTo: Save A File In Vim / Vi Without Root Permission

Shell Script To Add MySQL Database, Username and Password Including Remote Host Access

A simple shell script to add users to #MySQL/#MariaDB

HowTo: Find Out My Linux Distribution Name and Version

Convert HTML Page To a PDF Using Open Source Tool [ Linux / OS X / Windows ]

скриншоты под MacOS

screencapture + scp

Забавное sed: подбор английский слов, которые годятся как команды поиска и замены

Quick and dirty pseudo daemons

screen -S foo -m -d program

Never set SUID bit on shell scripts

Мигаем Scroll lock'ом при входящем email сообщении (perl + bash)

Как записать терминальную сессию в Linux

Sudo: A free font for coders by Jens Kutilek

Google hiring task (first 10-digit prime in e) in bash one-liner

Отдельные ситуации, сложные инструменты


Want to view/open compressed file on a Unix/Linux/OSX/BSD?

zgrep word file zcat file

More info on z* commands

zcommands: Read gzip Compressed Text Files On a Fly

Common threads: Часть 1. Awk в примерах

ZSH Tips by ZZapper

collection of zsh shell tips for Unix/Linux/OSX/BSD users and sysadmins

Linux and Unix Port Scanning With netcat [nc] Command

Bash: Reissue And Repeat A Long Command Without Retyping It on a Linux, OS X & Unix

Linux / Unix: Cat Command Examples

xargs: How To Control and Use Command Line Arguments

Управление заданиями

Bash Extended Globbing

Linux: See Bandwidth Usage Per Process With Nethogs Tool

Want to easily find out which process are eating too much bandwidth on a Linux?

SOcket CAT



Back To The Future: Unix Wildcards Gone Wild

This article will cover one interesting old-school Unix hacking technique, that will still work nowadays in 2013. Hacking technique of which (to my suprise) even many security-related people haven't heard of. That is probably because nobody ever really talked about it before. Why I decided to write on this subject is because, to me personally, it's pretty funny to see what can be done with simple Unix wildcard poisoning tricks. So, from this article, what you can expect is collection of neat *nix hacking tricks that as far as I know somehow didn't emerge earlier. If you wonder how basic Unix tools like 'tar' or 'chown' can lead to full system compromise, keep on reading.

Tmux Resurrect

Tmux is great, except when you have to restart the computer. You lose all the running programs, working directories, pane layouts etc. There are helpful management tools out there, but they require initial configuration and continuous updates as your workflow evolves or you start new projects.

tmux-resurrect saves all the little details from your tmux environment so it can be completely restored after a system restart (or when you feel like it). No configuration is required. You should feel like you never quit tmux.


ShellCheck is a static analysis and linting tool for sh/bash scripts. It's mainly focused on handling typical beginner and intermediate level syntax errors and pitfalls where the shell just gives a cryptic error message or strange behavior, but it also reports on a few more advanced issues where corner cases can cause delayed failures.

shell configuration management (F*CKING Shell Scripts)

StackOverflow: Fuzzy file search in linux console


AGREP - approximate GREP for fast fuzzy string searching. Files are searched for a string or regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities and user-definable records. Developed 1989-1991 by Udi Manber, Sun Wu et al. at the University of Arizona. ISC open source license since Sept. 2014.

Lock your script (against parallel run)

12 Useful “df” Commands to Check Disk Space in Linux

Piping with SSH

Mosh (mobile shell)

15 малоизвестных команд Linux + комментарии

Что такое grep и с чем его едят

Общие обзоры

Hints for writing Unix tools

“One thing well” misses the point: it should be “One thing well AND COMPOSES WELL”

Consume input from stdin, produce output to stdout.

Output should be free from headers or other decoration.

Output should be simple to parse and compose.

Treat a tool’s output as an API.

Place diagnostics output on stderr.

Signal failure with an exit status.

Make a tool’s output portable.

Omit needless diagnostics.

Avoid making interactive programs.

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

Shell programming with bash: by example, by counter-example

Survival guide for Unix newbies

Settling into Unix

Мини-портал Shell скрипты

Десятка лучших консольных команд

Defensive BASH Programming

20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know

Top 10 Best Cheat Sheets and Tutorials for Linux / UNIX Commands

GNU Coreutils Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is useful if you're learning Linux and want to have a quick overview of all the available commands

Bonus: Here are some of the commands that was used to create the cheat sheet:

$ curl 'http://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/manual/coreutils.html' 2>/dev/null |
    grep 'h3 class' |
    grep 'class="command"' |
    sed 's/.*class="command">//' |
    sed 's|</span></samp>||' |
    sed 's|</h3>||' |
    grep ':' |


Почему Ubuntu перешли на dash как на дефолтный шелл

Better Bash Scripting in 15 Minutes


Github: Data Science at the Command Line

repository contains the virtual machine, data, scripts, and custom command-line tools used in the book Data Science at the Command Line.

Программирование на bash. Онлайн-курс.

Интересно посмотреть на программу: какие аспекты shell-программирования вообще существуют

Нестандартные расширения, дополнения

bish - Shell scripting with a modern feel.

Bish is a language that compiles to Bash. It's designed to give shell scripting a more comfortable and modern feel.

Functional programming in sh

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